Save Energy

The world of energy is changing every day. Here are the things you should know about natural gas and electricity that affect your use and your bill. Make sense of your energy use and take control for energy savings in your home or business with the programs and information links below.

Ways to Save

Simple Tips for Homes; For Businesses; Free Home Energy Hotline; Free in-Home Audits; Business Evaluations; Tracking Your Usage; Publications; online Links

Energy Sense Online

Link for access to Appliance Calculator, Home Use Calculator, energy library & Energy Sense e-newsletter

Energy Saver Site

Comprehensive Energy Department website giving detailed information and advice

See the Light

Light bulb information & Links to help you make the switch

Energy Miser Service (natural gas)

Low cost cleaning and inspection of your natural gas furnace for savings all year round.

Compare Natural Gas to:

Latest comparisons of cost to use natural gas versus electricity, oil and gasoline for appliances, heating and cars

Appliance Rebates

Our rebates for your purchases of listed Energy Star appliances (see details)

Home Efficiency Project Rebates

Our rebate for your expenses upgrading the air-sealing, insulation and weatherization of your home as recommended by a home energy audit (see details)

Commercial Lighting Rebates

MGED rebate for upgraded lighting fixtures as recommended by our audit (see details) – limited funding

Solar for your Home

Learn about installing a solar array on your home and steps required to connect to our meter for solar credit; MGED Net Metering Guide provided; Links

Solar for Business

Larger solar installations for commercial customers are metered according to the RDG 10-100 Rate and application – learn more

MGED Solar and More

We’ve been supporting renewable & clean energy efforts for more than a decade!

Help for those in Need

If you qualify for fuel assistance, you are eligible for funds to repair heating appliances & upgrade insulation to stop heat loss.