Home Energy Saving Rebates

Energy Star Appliances

MGED residential customers can receive rebates on these ENERGY STAR rated appliance purchases:

  • Refrigerators ($50)
  • Clothes washers ($50)
  • Dehumidifiers ($30)

Limit; one rebate per appliance per year. Rebates will be credited to your MGED bill. Print out and complete the application form for the year of each purchase or stop by our main office at 32 South Main Street to pick one up. Return the completed form, along with the sales receipt showing the make and model of the appliance, to the Energy New England address shown on the form.

Remember to include the ENERGY GUIDE label that comes with your new appliances with the Energy Star logo clearly visible. All appliances have an Energy Guide label but not all appliances are Energy Star qualified! Check before you buy or apply.

Refrigerator purchases must show proof of take-away or disposal to be eligible

All purchases from January 1st to the end of this year will be eligible but funding is limited and may run out before the end of the year. Please call (888) 772-4242 with questions about your purchase. Also check these quick Questions & Answers before sending in your application.

Energy Sense Home Efficiency Rebates

MGED customers who have a free home energy audit and then install one or more of the recommended measures can receive a rebate of 50% of the cost, up to $500. Limits;

For single-family home: one home-efficiency rebate per customer per calendar year.

For multi-family home (up to 4 units): one rebate per unit up to $2,000 per calendar year.

All measures must be recommended in the home energy audit before work begins. Measures to be rebated include:

  • Insulation, including attic (with ventilation), wall basement and rim joist
  • Air sealing, including caulking, weather stripping and gaskets
  • Heating system pipe and duct insulation
  • Setback thermostats meeting Energy Star criteria
  • Energy Star qualified Window or Door replacement (maximum 10 year payback)

Customers must install the measures to the specifications listed on the energy audit report. All work will be inspected by a qualified technician to verify correct installation for maximum energy savings. Print out and complete Home Efficiency Rebates information or stop by our main office at 32 South Main Street to pick up the package. Then call (888) 772-4242 to schedule your free home energy audit. Use the 2016 Rebate form for purchases made in 2016 accepted until January 31st - don't delay!