Basic Business Energy Evaluation

Start with this first step

MGED business customers can request an on-site evaluation of energy use at your location free-of-charge. This base-level technical report will help identify the highest level priority measures which should be addressed by your energy reduction plan.

This simple walk-through review of energy-using systems is perfect for the smaller commercial consumer. No cost to identify low cost methods to save energy every day.

And now it's gone virtual!

Due to the coronavirus pandemic emergency, this important service is available with real-time, online technology. A live technician will work with you online and use your mobile device camera and data provided by MGED to report the best steps to bring your energy bill down. Plan to spend from 30 minutes to an hour online at your business site. ENE will pre-schedule and review billing data in advance of your evaluation. Low or no use of your business space can be a good time to take advantage of this free service.

This simple evaluation will help:

  • Find easy steps to take now to save now
  • ID possible problems to avoid trouble later
  • Suggest deeper changes that can affect your future use, showing estimates of cost and break-even savings
  • Answer your questions by an experienced professional

MGED incentives can and will change from year to year. But your energy use and measures to reduce that use should be a part of your ongoing facilities management. Call our energy partner agency, Energy New England at 888-772-4242 to request an energy evaluation of your business location. MGED will supply your energy use data and ENE will call directly to schedule your evaluation.

(note) Commercial Lighting Rebates are available. Please review the Lighting Rebate information before completing any upgrade. All projects must be reviewed for approval before materials are purchased and installed.