Payment Assistance

Call to Make Alternative Payment Arrangements

If you are unable to pay your current charges due to financial difficulties, MGED may be able to work with you on a payment plan. This will allow you to make installment payments to bring your account up to date, in addition to paying each current month’s charges. MGED offers a personal payment plan for qualified customers facing service shutoff.

Fuel Assistance

This federally-funded program can help pay down an overdue balance. If you do, you will also qualify for the Middleborough Gas and Electric Department Weatherization Assistance Grant to upgrade your energy systems and cut heating loss. It can also help in an emergency when your heating or hot water system fails.

For information on how to apply, see the Fuel Assistance page.

Assistance for Seniors

You may qualify for our Senior Rate if you are age 65 or older, which is an added discount to help keep your bills lower. Once you’re on this rate, you’ll have a full 30 days to pay instead of the usual ten and you won’t lose your prompt payment discount. To apply, just contact our office. A positive ID will be required. Don’t miss this chance to save!

Gift Certificates

Do you know someone that you want to help? Gift certificates are available for those who want to help a neighbor, friend, or relative.

Assistance is Available

We have compiled a list of local resources which may be available to MGED customers. View it here.