Finding a Contractor for Appliance Service

When to Hire a Contractor

For all non-emergency-related appliance issues and repairs, find a licensed contractor who is trained and certified to perform work on natural gas equipment. These issues include:

  • No heat or hot water due to furnace or water heater failure
  • Stove or dryer malfunctions
  • Replacement and/or installation of new appliances

For natural gas emergencies, call MGED gas division 24 hours a day at 508-947-1535 or 911!

How to Hire a Contractor

A properly trained and licensed contractor will have the necessary tools and access to parts that can help repair your appliance quickly and efficiently. We recommend that you work with a contractor from the time you install your appliances so that they will be familiar and available before you need repair service.

Choose a contractor for new service carefully:

  • Find a contractor who will spend the time to explain the details and costs of their service arrangement and answer all your questions.
  • Review at least three contractors and look for written proposals or service agreements that list their licensing and insurance.
  • Ask for references from at least three different customers and ask about their experience servicing the type and model of appliances in your home. Follow up by calling the references.
  • If this is a heating upgrade, they should provide a heat-loss calculation, confirming that your heating equipment is the proper size and efficiency. They can also give an estimate of annual costs.

Read our current Contractor Listing (PDF) to begin your search.