Report an Outage

Electricity Power Outages 

mPower OMS Website

If your electric service is out, you may notify us by visiting mPower OMS to report an outage. Provide a phone number on file for this account or your account number without the extension: i.e. 12345678 (no -01) as seen on your bill. You’ll be selecting a statement that best suits the situation you are experiencing.  You will also be given a comment box in which you should be providing us with any additional information that will help us determine the location and extent of the service interruption i.e. Pole Number, description of where limb is on wires, if a wire is down in the street or in your yard etc.

You can also use mPower OMS to report a problem with a street light. Please be sure to state the Pole Number the light is on and if it is a rental light or residential street light. You can also report a problem with equipment that may result in an outage.


You can also call 508-947-3023 to report an outage. We appreciate your patience as this line may be very busy. Once your outage information is reported into our system, it will remain active until repairs are complete to the service line/equipment in your area. Duplicate reports cannot be accepted in the system.


  • If you are calling regarding a gas emergency, please dial 911.
  • In the event of a life-threatening situation, please dial 911.

Please remember: If you see a downed power line stay as far away as possible, or at least 30 feet away; whichever is greater. No line is safe to touch, ever!

Outage Center

Please check the Outage Center for updates periodically. Refresh the page to be sure you are seeing the latest information. Outage information is updated as conditions change and new information is received. Thank you for visiting the Outage Center.