Latest Scams

t's a fact of life today, now that we're more connected than ever, that crime targeting utility customers is on the rise. These known scams listed below have been hitting our part of the country in the last year. Read each description and share this information with your family, friends, and neighbors to avoid getting caught by any of the tricks scammers use to get your personal information and/or money.

Watch this important video of business owners who have learned an awful lesson, and shared their experience with the Utilities United Against Scams organization.

Scams Relating to COVID-19

The Massachusetts Office of the Attorney General is warning of new scams targeting people worried due to the coronavirus pandemic. Please read our Coronavirus Scams Guidance (PDF) and be very careful before agreeing to any online action or payment.

MGED is reminding all customers to beware of scammers requesting immediate payment on past due utility bills during the COVID-19 outbreak. We will never call demanding immediate payment and threaten to cut-off service – especially during this crisis. If you get a call asking for immediate payment of your utility bill, hang up and call us at 508-947-1371 during business hours. Criminals will take advantage of any situation and the fear surrounding COVID-19 is no exception. Don’t let the scammers con you or your loved ones.