Public Ownership

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A proud part of Localight!

MGED is one of 40 municipal electric utilities in Massachusetts, each separate, yet united in our commitment to superior local service at not-for-profit rates. Nationally, there are more than 2,000 public power systems such as ours. Although smaller than the "big guys," municipal utilities bring large benefits to the communities we serve, and are able to join together when necessary to reap the benefits of our collective size.

As a customer of a Localight utility, you enjoy:

  • Personalized attention from employees who see you as a person, not an account number
  • Control over rates and policies
  • Value-added and customized services designed to meet your needs
  • Undivided loyalty - our success is gauged by your satisfaction, not by quarterly dividends
  • Superior service and reliability at not-for-profit rates
  • A voice in your energy future

This is Localight service. Welcome home.