Gas Pipeline Safety Awareness

We are committed to operating our natural gas delivery systems safely. To do this, we need to make everyone in our community - residents, business owners, fire and police departments, and community leaders - aware of the pipelines running underground, whether they use natural gas or not.

In fact, the Federal Government has mandated that all distribution companies (including municipally-run departments like MGED) must have a plan to inform people living or working near or around their pipelines about safety issues including:

  • Digging Safely to Avoid Contact - In Massachusetts, is the one place to call to be sure where pipes and other important utility lines are present. Utility members will mark out any of these potential hazards and help you avoid serious damage. Anyone digging near utility lines must call – it’s free, it’s safe and it’s the law!
  • Recognizing a Potential Emergency - A gas leak is usually recognized by smell (a distinctive, pungent odor similar to rotten eggs), sight (a white cloud, blowing dust, mist or bubbles in standing water), or sound (an unusual roaring, hissing or whistling).
  • Calling for Help in an Emergency - Leave! Move to a safe environment and then call us immediately at 508-947-3023. If the smell is strong, call 911! Do not smoke or operate electric switches, appliances, or equipment when you suspect a gas leak. Do not assume someone else will report the condition!
  • Learning More to Prevent Damage - You can learn more vital information, including much more about recognizing pipeline locations and operations, by visiting the Public Awareness website for the Northeast Gas Association.


All of our customers will be mailed a brochure that details these important issues and gives clear instructions on recognizing the signs of a natural gas emergency and what to do.

We ask that you join us in this commitment to awareness and safety by reading this information completely and contacting us with any questions.

If you've been redirected here from our Natural Gas Safety Mailer, you can take the survey.

Contact Us

If you work with a local community organization, we will be glad to speak with your group to share these important lessons. Call Kyle Holmberg, Public Communications Manager, at 508-947-1371 to arrange this presentation. Remember, safety is everyone's business.