+Green Choice

If you are an MGED customer who wants to support renewable energy with every kilowatt hour you use, +Green Choice gives you a simple method to help increase the amount of renewable energy MGED purchases. A small increase of 2 cents per kilowatt hour supports the production of energy from renewable sources based right here in New England.

Available to all MGED customers who maintain a fully-paid balance and return the signed +Green Choice Application. The new purchase charge will be added to your monthly bill. The REC market will dictate this amount in future REC purchases.

Read, complete, sign and send the +Green Choice Application to [email protected] to begin this service within 30 days.

Call MGED at 508-947-1371 or visit our administrative office at 32 South Main Street Monday through Friday anytime between 8:00 am and 4 pm. The +Green Choice is all yours!

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