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All current rebate offerings are listed on this page. Please scroll down to see the full listing and find your rebate amount. All rebates and incentives may be available to residents, homeowners, renters, and landlords within the MGED service area. Once you have followed the preparation instructions and made your purchase, you'll apply online through the Energy New England rebate website link by clicking on "Ready to Apply".

MGED follows the latest state guidelines, offering rebates on specific technologies for the highest level of energy savings per budget dollar. Even though some Energy-Star qualified appliances are not included, we still encourage buying these more-efficient appliances whenever you are shopping for a new refrigerator, washer, or room air conditioner. Their lower energy use will save you many dollars during their useful life.

Rebates may be credited to your MGED bill. Remember to include the Energy Guide label (PDF) that comes with your new appliances with the Energy Star logo clearly visible. All appliances have an Energy Guide label but not all appliances are Energy Star qualified! Check before you buy or apply.

All purchases from January 1st to the end of this year will be eligible but funding is limited and may run out before the end of the year. Please call 888-772-4242 with questions about your purchase.

Please note that new appliance rebates (air conditioner, air purifier) and Low Income rebates are available beginning on August 1st, 2023. The online rebate portal is not available yet and we will honor purchases made after this date. Keep receipts for your purchases until your rebate is processed.

Low Income rebates are available to customers who are actively on MGED's Low Income Rate. To view the qualifications or to apply, Click Here.

MGED Rebates Including Low Income 2023 Appliances

MGED Rebates Including Low Income 2023 Residential

MGED Appliance Rebates

Energy Star Appliance Rebates 

MGED residential customers can receive rebates on these Energy Star-rated appliance purchases. Please note that air conditioners have a disposal adder of $20 and dehumidifiers have a disposal adder of $15. Receipt of disposal required.

Cordless Electric Yard Equipment

If you'd like to test this equipment before making a purchase - MGED donated a cordless electric leaf blower to each of the Middleborough and Lakeville Libraries. They are available for checkout via the library extended catalogue.

  • Reduce carbon emissions and promote electrification by using cordless electric yard equipment.
  • Battery-powered yard equipment does not require gasoline or oil to operate, resulting in lighter, quieter equipment with zero emissions.
  • Read instructions and details
  • Ready to Apply

MGED Residential Rebates

Air Sealing and Whole Space Insulation Rebates

Seal your home against heat/cooling loss. All measures must be recommended by a Home Energy Audit prior to installation. Standard rebate not to exceed 50% of the project cost. Low Income rebate is 100% of project cost but not to exceed.

Electric Heating and Cooling Technology

MGED now offers rebates to residential electric and natural gas customers for installing qualified high-efficiency ductless heat pumps. Please note new construction does not qualify. Customers are limited to one rebate per calendar year. Multi-family homeowners may apply per unit, up to 4 units per calendar year. Minimum Energy Star ratings required. Standard rebate not to exceed 50% the project cost. LI rebate 100% but not to exceed the project cost.

MGED Residential Solar Rebate

Earn a generous rebate for the installation of a solar array on your home in the MGED service area. Maximum size and minimum production standards apply. Please read the instructions and details first! You will open the MGED solar page and online guide. When ready, you and your installer will apply to MGED for interconnection first. Then return to this page to enter the MLP Solar website for the rebate application process when ready to begin the rebate application process. You will be sent to the Energy New England Solar Rebate website.

Learn about interconnection and read the guide to Net Metering

Learn how your excess solar energy production becomes a credit on your bill. All new solar installations are credited for excess solar energy received by MGED at the wholesale rate: PPC and PPA combined.

Electric Vehicle (EV) cars, charger rebates, and charging credits

MGED now provides a rebate for new, installed chargers with enrollment for the waitlist for off-peak charging program. All applications are received through the Energy New England rebates website online.

EV Level 2 Charger Rebate - $300

If you have purchased a Level-2 EV charger for your home and would like to receive the rebate, please visit the ENE Rebate page where you will need to provide a photo or scan of your:

1. Vehicle Registration

2. Invoice from electrician who performed the charger installation

3. Receipt of purchase for your Level-2 EV charger

Off-peak Only EV Charging Reward

The pilot program for off-peak EV charging has ended as of September 2022. We are currently researching replacement programs and hope to have a new one in place in 2023. 

If you would like to join the wait list for the new program, please email [email protected] with your name, vehicle year and model, and service address.