MGED Appliance Rebates Details & Terms

What you'll need to know before you buy or apply

Energy Star Certified Refrigerator and Freezer SavingsWhy buy Energy Star?

Energy Star Refrigerator and Freezer SavingsMGED is pleased to offer rebates to customers purchasing selected energy efficient ENERGY STAR appliances. ENERGY STAR appliances have been identified being significantly more energy efficient than the average comparable model. So whether they are included with our current rebated appliances, they always make sense.

To be eligible for the MGED Appliance Rebate incentive:

  • Only ENERGY STAR qualified and labeled appliances are eligible for rebate. Appliances that may qualify will have the ENERGY STAR logo on the yellow EnergyGuide label that is attached to the appliance. (See Eligible list of Appliances at ).
  • A copy of all sales receipts will be required by MGED in order to receive your incentive;
  • Offer limited to ONE of each type of ENERGY STAR appliance purchase per household per calendar year (except where noted);
  • Appliance must be installed at the account service location served by the listed account number;
  • Appliance must be purchased between January 1 and December 31 in calendar year of this program. Applications received after January 31 of next calendar year will not be honored for prior year so please send in your application in a timely fashion.
  • All appliance listings must include the brand, model and serial numbers of the new appliance. Customers may pre-qualify their purchases by calling Energy New England at 888-772-4242 to discuss the brand and model they will purchase and get help to confirm the Energy Star qualification. These qualifications change from year to year and need verification prior to purchase. Sales staff can be mistaken!

MGED reserves the right to inspect the installation on premises.

Current Appliance Rebates

To apply, follow these steps:

  1. Read the Terms and Conditions above to ensure you qualify for the rebate.
  2. Check that your appliance is a qualified model. A list of Energy Star qualified models may be found at You may also call the Energy New England toll-free hotline at 888-772-4242 to learn more.
  3. Return to the MGED main rebates page and click on Ready to Apply beside any appliance listed.
  4. Have your scanned electronic files of your itemized receipt(s) and ENERGY GUIDE label ready to upload. Receipt(s) must include retailer name, address, phone number, purchase date and price, and product make and model. If required, include the make and model of the appliance you are replacing ready to fill in.
  5. Complete your online application by January 31, 2022 for approval of your rebate award.

The applicable rebate amount will appear as a credit on your electric bill upon verification of information. Please allow 6 to 8 weeks for processing.

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