Cordless Electric Yard Equipment Rebates

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This program aims to reduce carbon emissions and promote electrification by using cordless electric yard equipment. Battery-powered yard equipment does not require gasoline or oil to operate, resulting in lighter, quieter equipment with zero emissions.

Incentive Amount: $25 - $300

Maximum Incentive: Not to exceed 50% of the total equipment purchase price (excluding tax), or not to exceed 100% of the total equipment purchase price (excluding tax) for Low Income Rebate applicants.

Rebate Limitations: Limit one rebate per customer per eligible item per equipment lifetime (indicated in the table below). Applies to any purchases made after 1/1/23.

Eligible Equipment:

Equipment (Cordless Only)Lifetime (Years)Rebate (per item)Low Income Rebate (per item)
Riding Lawn Mower10$200$300
Push Lawn Mower10$100$200
Chain Saws5$40$80
Hedge Trimmers5$40$80
Pressure Washers5$40$80
Leaf Blowers5$30$60
String Trimmers & Edgers5$25$50
Snowblower (with battery and charger) 
Min. 20" width and min. 56V Power

Required Supporting Documentation: Proof of purchase (must include a description of the item, purchase date, the price paid, and purchased from)

Application Deadline: Application AND supporting documentation must be received by 12/31/23.

Payment Method: This rebate will be issued as a bill credit.

To apply, follow these steps:

  1. Read the Terms and Conditions above to ensure you qualify for the rebate.
  2. Submit your application here
  3. Have your scanned electronic files of your itemized receipt(s) ready to upload. Receipt(s) must include retailer name, address, phone number, purchase date and price, and product make and model. If required, include the make and model of the appliance you are replacing ready to fill in.

Complete your online application by December 31, 2023, for approval of your rebate award.

The applicable rebate amount will appear as a credit on your electric bill upon verification of information. Please allow 6 to 8 weeks for processing.