Net Metering (Up to 25kW)

Learn the steps for installing a solar array on your home and to connect to our distribution system in order to receive a solar credit

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Install & Connect Solar for MGED

If installing a solar array, the array will be connected to your home’s electrical panel and our electric distribution system through MGED’s electric meter. You are required to have MGED Interconnection Approval first.

MGED Approval

To ensure the system will connect safely and reliably, our engineer must review and approve the design along with our technician will approve the final installation. Once you have a solar contractor and decide on the system to be installed, the system owner and their contractor must submit an Interconnection Application (PDF)If the system is installed before you received our approval, you run the risk of needing costly changes.

Requirements for Net Metering

  • Systems up to 25kW AC in size
  • System must have an azimuth between 90 and 270 degrees
  • System must demonstrate that its expected output will be reduced by no more than 20% due to shading
  • All equipment must be UL listed 
  • MGED Interconnection Approval of the system’s one-line drawing is required
  • To be eligible for a rebate: the rebate MUST be reserved prior to system installation 
  • In order to receive a rebate and track SRECs, a Locus Meter is required and the customer MUST sign up for a ten-year solar data plan.
  • Installation MUST be done by a licensed electrician
  • System MUST be fully owned or financed by the customer of record
  • Post-Installation: A Town Wiring Inspection and MGED inspection are both required before activation 


Below are the steps that must be followed prior to installing a solar array at your residence

Submit the following by email:

  1. Apply for Interconnection:

    • Completed Net Metering Interconnection Application (This form must be printed and attached as a PDF)
    • A one-line drawing of your generation system (Sample PDF)
    • Specifications showing the materials (panels and inverters)
    • Email all documents for approval to: [email protected] 
  1. Approval Confirmation:

    • System owners will receive notice from MGED directly that their system and materials have been approved for installation. MGED will share this information with the system owner’s contractor as well.
  1. Application Fee:

    • System owners will receive a charge from MGED on their account for $250. This is the application fee which is payable on the next bill cycle.
  1. Apply for the MLP Solar Rebate
    • System design must meet specific program requirements for size limit, azimuth, and shading to qualify for the rebate of $.60 per watt. 
    • System rebate is based off of DC. 
    • Locus meter in addition to MGED production meter must be included in your installation. 
    • In order to ensure eligibility for a rebate, MGED strongly recommends to wait an additional 4 to 6 weeks for the rebate reservation letter from our rebate agency, Energy New England, before starting the installation. 
    • The following documents are required to upload for the rebate:
      1. Proof of Property Ownership
      2. Shade Study
      3. Locus Meter
      4. Solar Contract between Homeowner and Contractor
      5. Apply online or call 888-772-4242 for more information.

System Installation:

    • Installation must be complete within 1 year of receiving the rebate reservation letter. 
    • A Manual Disconnect located adjacent to the meter box containing the existing MGED meter is required by MGED. 
    • As a reminder: Make sure your installer is aware of the Locus Meter needed in order to qualify for the rebate. 
    • Be sure to obtain the necessary permits. System owner (or their contractor/installer) must obtain an electrical permit from their town wiring inspector before installation begins. 
    • After installation is complete, the system owner or their contractor should call the town wiring inspector for a final inspection.

System Inspection

    • Once the array is inspected by the Town, an MGED technician will need to complete a system inspection, prior to activation. MGED will then complete a Certificate of Completion and will send the system owner a copy along with a Permission to Operate letter.

If Qualified for a MLP Solar Rebate

    • MGED will verify operation of the system with Energy New England who will arrange for payment of the system owner’s rebate. Most rebates are issued within 8 weeks of receiving all required documentation. MGED will retain all future rights to Solar RECs as a condition of providing the rebate.  
    • MGED permission to Operate Letter
    • Completed Locus Meter Connection Form 
    • Picture of Locus meter powered on 
    • Proof of Payment 
    • Change Forms (if applicable)
    • Updated Shade Report and Paid Tree Removal Invoice (if applicable)

Once Installed: 

Once the system is operating, MGED’s meter will measure both the amount of electricity provided to the system owner by MGED and the excess electricity sent back through the MGED meter. The MGED meter will record each amount and both will be reflected on the system owner’s MGED bill. MGED will not meter the total generation amount produced by your system, most of which will be used inside your home. The solar installer should install a separate generation meter for your solar array. MGED does not install this generation meter. Learn More About the Solar Credit on Your Bill (PDF).



  1. About applying for an installation: Contact MGED customer service at 508-947-1371, Monday- Friday 8:00AM-4:00PM
  2. About why and how solar could work for you: Schedule a Free Phone/Online Consultation with Abode Here