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Air Source Heat Pumps 101 with Abode - 4/25/23 at 5:30PM

Join us for this virtual event where members of MGED's Communications and Energy Services Departments will speak with Abode's Decarbonization Advisor about everything heat pumps. We'll discuss resources and rebates for customers who are interested, the correct steps to take when planning an installation, and the basics of how this technology works. Even if you can't attend, please feel free to post your question(s) using the form below so we can be sure to include this during the online presentation. You'll be able to watch a recording of the event in the future. We appreciate your interest! 

Sign up using the form below to register for this webinar or submit questions before the event - we'll send you a Zoom link to join a day prior to the webinar.

Air Source Heat Pumps 101

Sign Up: MGED and Abode, Air Source Heat Pumps 101 Tuesday, 4/25 @ 5:30PM

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