Basic Business Energy Evaluation

MGED business customers can request an on-site evaluation of energy use at your location free-of-charge. This base-level technical report will help identify the highest level priority measures which should be addressed by your energy reduction plan. Call our energy partner agency, Energy New England at 888-772-4242 to request an energy evaluation of your business location. MGED will supply your energy use data and ENE will call directly to schedule your evaluation. 

This simple walk-through review of energy-using systems is perfect for the smaller commercial consumer. No cost to identify low cost methods to save energy every day.

This simple evaluation will help:

  • Find easy steps to take now to save now
  • ID possible problems to avoid trouble later
  • Suggest deeper changes that can affect your future use, showing estimates of cost and break-even savings
  • Answer your questions by an experienced professional

MGED incentives can and will change from year to year. But your energy use and measures to reduce that use should be a part of your ongoing facilities management.