Customer Satisfaction Survey Results

Every three years, MGED conducts a Customer Satisfaction Survey to ensure we continue to serve you the best we can. The primary goals for this research study were to assess the effectiveness of MGED's ability to serve its customers, identify areas for improvement, and isolate areas that may increase engagement. This survey is conducted using a trusted third-party research company, Great Blue Research.  This survey covers topics including:

  • Satisfaction with customer Service
  • Awareness of MGED programs
  • Awareness of MGED as a community owned municipal utility
  • Participation in MGED programs
  • MGED's communication methods
  • Outage restoration and communication
  • MGED's Carbon reduction efforts
  • Willingness to pay extra for reduced carbon emissions
  • Anticipated electric vehicle purchases
  • Familiarity with natural gas safety and leak detection
  • Customer demographic

In 2023, 777 residential customers completed the survey. The findings are available below.