Why haven’t I seen any MGED trucks?

Our restoration efforts can involve damage reports from locations throughout 101 square miles. You may see trucks and crews we have brought in from other towns to help. Most probably, the cause of your power outage could be a distance away from you and that’s where we are. Even if you don’t see a MGED truck on your street, we will be out there working to get power restored to every customer who has been affected.

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1. Why do your trucks and people keep going by but nothing is happening?
2. Why haven’t I seen any MGED trucks?
3. Why are my neighbors on and I’m not?
4. What should I do about the wire laying in my driveway / street?
5. When will you know how long I might be without power?
6. Why did my power come back on, then go off again a few minutes later?