Adding Gas or Electric Service

If you are constructing a new building and are planning for electric service, you should call our electric division (508) 947-3023 early in the project. Our engineering staff will need to see your plans and work with you during the construction phase.

If you are planning for natural gas service as well, you should also call our gas division (508) 947-1535 to determine availability and main size appropriate for your project.

When all information needs are satisfied, you will be asked to call or visit our administrative office (508) 947-1371, to open a service account to begin service during the project.

Click on the links below to download information forms that help you prepare the data necessary to plan for your new electric or natural gas commercial service. You can then email the completed data to us by attaching it to an email to the division engineer listed in the Company Directory or mail or fax the form to our division offices at our local addresses found in Contact Us.