Is the Amish Mantle and Miracle Heater too good to be true?

Customers are asking ... The ads say this beautiful heater that's made right here in America actually saves a lot in heating costs. At the standard heat setting, it costs only 8 cents per hour to run and if I run it all the time, won't that be just $60 per month? That costs a lot less than I pay in natural gas (or oil). And, right now, there's a special deal to get the heater for free if I buy the mantle that makes it look so good. But only if I act fast. Should I do this to save money heating my home?

No, because ... It is just a supplemental heater - really just an electric space heater, even if it is a really good looking one - and that's a really, really expensive way to heat your home.

Using the Miracle Heater in the Amish Mantle will cost you a lot extra on your electric bill. The heater insert is a space heater with heating coils that make a flame appearance and a blower that blows the heat into the room. It runs at 1500 watts at the high setting - just like the average electric blower-style space heaters you can get for much less money in a local hardware store. At 1500 watts, using this heater all day every day would use 1.5 kilowatt hours each hour for 36 kilowatt hours per day equaling 1,080 kilowatt hours per month. Our average cost per residential kilowatt hour is 13.7 cents so use of a single heater could cost as high as $148 per month.

If that still sounds low to you - considering that you could cut back onyour central heat (oil or gas) - for the average 2500 square foot home, you would need six of these heaters in the typical northeast home for the right btu level to equal the warmth of your central furnace.

Bottom Line: If you have to ask if it's too good to be true, it probably is. This claim has all the earmarks of a bad deal - buy the mantle, get the heater free ... only an impossible 8 cents per hour ... act fast! They don't want you to think! So we're glad you asked.