Artic Air Means Extra Caution

MGED asks customers to stay safe by heating safely this weekend!

Middleborough – January 5, 2018 – Temperatures are plummeting for the next few days thanks to an artic air mass following the winter storm that MGED crews battled on Thursday. High wind gusts are expected and more outages are possible. MGED asks all customers to take precautions during the bitter cold when trying to stay warm.

Heating Your Home and Yourself

If you have trouble keeping your home heated safely and comfortably, call 211 for state resources that can help you and your family in an emergency. Extreme cold can cause serious medical conditions such as hypothermia and frostbite. Stay inside, but if you must go out, cover all exposed flesh including your head, neck and face. In a wind-chill of -15 degrees, frostbite will set in within 25 minutes. Learn more online at the U.S. Center for Disease Control and Prevention.

Preventing Fire and Carbon Monoxide(CO) Poisoning

News reports of home fires and carbon monoxide deaths multiply in the winter months as people try to stay warm using heat sources that fail, are poorly ventilated or are just plain wrong.Tips to Heat Your Home Safely

  • Don’t use an open gas range to heat a room – this could cause a buildup of CO!
  • Don’t use a space heater in an empty room, unattended. Use space heaters with extra caution by following these Safety Tips.
  • Don’t run an outdoor grill inside where CO will be trapped.
  • Keep generators outside and well away from windows or doors where fumes and CO can seep in.
  • Be sure all of your smoke and CO detectors are working properly by testing them. Symptoms of CO poisoning can mimic the flu, making it hard to recognize. Working detectors are your safest option.
  • Click on the poster to read more.
Heaters and Vents Need to Breathe

Remember to give your furnace room to breathe by keeping all materials well away – especially flammable materials. Furnaces that are confined to small spaces or surrounded by piles of stored materials will lack fresh air and could emit CO quickly and silently, especially when under the strain of bitter cold weather.

Outside vents also need space. Check your appliance vents like the dryer and your furnace vent to be sure they are not blocked by snow drifts or plowed snow this weekend. You natural gas meter also needs to be clear in order to supply gas to your home reliably and safely.