E-Messenger Article: Higher February Bills

February billing

E-Messenger February Article

This bill could be higher than you expected - here’s why

February bills are often the most surprising - it’s easy to think we might use less in such a short month. But you probably used more than even this time last year. Here are the big 3 increase culprits:

• Weather - Mid-December to Mid-January was 30% colder than the same timeframe last winter and that has a dramatic effect on natural gas and electricity use. Anyone with a gas heating system will notice a big increase in usage. Any electric heating appliance even as small as a space heater will add to the bill.

• Timing - This current bill reflects the last 30 days of usage, more or less. The last reading was in January and so this bill includes all of those normal billing days and usage levels. Some service routes show added days because of the storm just after New Year’s Day. And holiday lights are usually part of this bill too.

• Change - The Purchase Power Adjustment (PPA) rose by 1 cent on January 1st. While it’s not the 20-30% increase that investor-owned utilities announced this winter, it still affects all customer billing with an 8% increase to recover costs which are increasing for everyone in the wholesale energy market. Read more about the new PPA.