In the News: Six Figure Storm Damage Reported by Electric Division Manager

Electric Division Manager William Taylor reported on damage by March nor'easters at the Middleborough Selectmens meeting

Electric Division Manager William Taylor spoke at the March 19th selectmen's meeting in Middleborough - between storms, reporting on the system-wide damage and recovery efforts from back-to-back nor'easters.

As reported in the Middleboro Gazette:

On Monday night, with another winter storm looming in the forecast, Middleboro Selectmen entertained an interesting and enlightening discussion about the damage and response to recent storms, as Bill Taylor, Electric Division Manager for Middleboro Gas & Electric, appeared before the board at the conclusion of a series of pole hearings.

Selectman Steve McKinnon took the chance to thank Taylor and the entire G&E staff for in-storm and post-storm power restoration and clean-up efforts, but the conversation quickly turned to the unusual intensity of the storms and the resulting damage that most in attendance agreed was at a level not often seen in these parts.

“We’ve had three particularly unique storms in our lovely little town,” McKinnon said, “possibly with another one coming ... but there was a lot of damage done and your guys were out there a lot, an awful lot. “I just want to extend my thanks as a taxpayer and member of the community. I think you guys did a great job, as dangerous as it is, as crazy as it was. You guys manage to pull it off week after week after week. I’d imagine you’ll be pretty happy to see spring.”

“Yes, looking forward to it,” Taylor said.

As reported in the Enterprise:

March came in like a lion for the town’s Gas and Electric Department.The municipal utility may face up to $800,000 in damages from storms that brought hurricane force winds, over 4 inches of rain, and over a foot of snow in some areas.

The March 2 rain storm and March 13 snow storm caused the most damage according William Taylor, Electric Division Manager for the Middleboro Gas and Electric Department, which services both Lakeville and Middleboro and covers over 100 square miles.

Clean up to many areas on the system will likely continue for weeks and into the summer. Over 100 poles were replaced, 50 transformers lost and extensive damage to a bucket truck with an estimated repair cost of more than $30,000. In all, the "Four-easter" recovery is estimated to cost nearly $800,000. As with every multi-day outage event, Middleborough Gas and Electric Department is grateful for their customers' patience and understanding.

Watch the video below to see images of the damage done and social media comments from our  customers. (Enlarge to full screen and pause to read comments.)

Winter 2018 Nor'easters