July Peak Alert in Effect Today

Highest use is between 3PM to 8PM. Please help.
Peak Alert Today

MGED is asking all customers to cut back at peak times today to help reduce some of the highest energy use this month. The heat and humidity will likely reach 90-degrees today and push air conditioning systems to their highest capacity. This may well impact the July demand peak. Even with many people at home, air-conditioning could drive up energy use for the highest level this month. Please help us keep energy costs down for everyone by shaving energy use at the most expensive peak times.

  • Cut back on any and all unnecessary activity that uses electricity between the hours of 3PM and 8PM. But devices powered by battery will not draw new energy. Just remember not to charge them during peak times.
  • Dishwashing, clothes washing or anything that can be postponed until later in the evening will make a difference.
  • Consider shutting down the dehumidifier during those hours.
  • Raise the thermostat on your air conditioner to a higher temperature only if health permits or at least 2 degrees if possible. Every degree helps!
  • Grill outside instead of using the stovetop.

Thank you for any help you can give.

Learn more about Peak Alerts and thank you for helping us all to bringing down the peak.