MGED is asking all customers to give their opinions about Smart Energy and Meter Technology

Twenty Questions that could guide future energy decisions

The Middleborough Gas and Electric Department is reaching out to all customers with phones or access to computers to give their opinions about issues that could influence department energy and meter purchases in the future, with an impact to customer bills.

“As a publicly-owned utility, our priority is the delivery of safe and reliable electricity and natural gas. We focus on doing that job for the lowest cost today and for the long term,” said General Manager Jackie Crowley. She noted that visitors to the MGED website will find a July rate comparison that shows MGED with lower average residential energy costs than all surrounding investor-owned electric utilities.

“Massachusetts is a leader for renewable energy in the United States, but the Bay State has the 4th highest electric rates.  MGED is working to add renewable energy to the supply mix, and continues to provide power at some of the lowest rates in the State.  34% of the 2016 electric supply was from zero carbon generation, mostly New Hampshire and Connecticut nuclear, Maine Wind, New York hydro-power and Middleborough Solar, and there’s been a lot of discussion about increasing green energy options for rate payers,” she said. “We want to hear directly from our customers about how they feel about renewable energy and advanced meters, since both can carry higher costs for a time but can also provide benefits over the long term.

The department is working with GreatBlue, a research firm who has surveyed customers in the past, to pose twenty questions that customers can answer with a minimum of time and effort. MGED customers who have a registered cell phone or land-line phone on file with the department may be getting a call in the next two weeks and MGED asks that you take that call.  The call ID will show as either: GreatBlue; GreatBlue Research; or a phone number beginning with 860-740 and ending with 4001 to 4005.

Customers can also participate by visiting the website and clicking on the giant question mark on the home page to take part in the current survey starting on Friday, August 25th. Those with an email address registered with the department can expect an email with the survey link. The department also asks participating customers to answer the demographic questions about age, education and income so that they are sure to receive feedback from a diverse customer group. The survey will officially close on September 15th. The department expects to share the results soon after.

“We greatly value our customers’ input and want to hear from as many as possible as we make plans for long term reliable and cost-effective natural gas and electric service,” said Crowley. All participants remain anonymous. Anyone with concerns or questions of their own about the survey can talk with Public Communications Manager Sandy Richter by calling the administrative office at 508-946-3702.

The Middleborough Gas & Electric Department is a public utility, owned by the town of Middleborough and serving over 5,000 natural gas customers in Middleborough and over 15,000 electric customers in Middleborough and neighboring Lakeville.