MGED Solar Community Project 1 is Open for Enrollment

Customers wanting to get the benefits of solar energy without actual ownership have a new local option
Everett Street Storage Solar Community Project 1

Residential and commercial customers of the Middleborough Gas and Electric Department now have a simple way to get the benefits of solar energy right here within their town limits, even if it isn't on their own roof. MGED has developed a new community shared-solar option and the first-of-its-kind project in Middleborough is now open for enrollment.

Community solar arrays are those large arrays located within the service area which sell the generated power directly to MGED and MGED then offers to share the benefits of this power with local customers. The value of that energy is based on the higher cost of solar power combined with the eventual, longer-term savings which may produce a monthly credit on customer bills depending on the production and energy costs in the wholesale market. A community shared project is the perfect way for customers to give locally generated power a try and support solar energy without a large investment. (Customer accounts must have an established zero-balance payment history to be eligible to participate.)

Learn more about this new project and the MGED Solar Community project by watching the video below. Then go to the MGED Smart Energy Community webpage to review project details and Frequently Asked Questions before using the online signup form to get your share of this newest project.


MGED Smart Energy CommunityMGED will be promoting solar community and other projects on the MGED Smart Energy Community webpage in the coming months.

MGED Solar Community Project 1