MGED will be Conducting Ground and Aerial Surveys in the North Middleborough Transmission Right-of-Way

Work begins this Sunday

Middleborough Gas & Electric Department (MGED) will be working with Merrill Engineers and Land Surveyors, PLM Engineering, and GZA Environmental Consultants to inspect equipment in the transmission line right-of-way from the Wareham Street substation through North Middleborough to the Summer Street interconnection beginning Friday, April 21st and for the next few weeks. This initial inspection is part of a larger project required by the regional transmission planning committee for ISO-NE and may involve upgrading existing poles and lines within the next few years.

The work does not include any tree trimming or maintenance activity. Starting Sunday, licensed consultants working at MGED’s request will operate drones (small remotely operated hovering aircraft) for overhead surveys.  Later this month, environmental consultants will survey and delineate wetlands in the right-of-way transmission corridor, and consultants will develop ground level maps of electrical poles, wires and other infrastructure. Most of the right-of-way is not in view of roadways or homes, but residents may see the consultants and/or MGED crews on foot or driving along the right of way at access points.

Middleborough police and fire departments have been informed. If you have a questions or concern, contact our electric division at 508-947-3023.