Natural Gas Main Replacement on Center Street, Downtown Middleborough

While the weather is good, MGED crews are digging in to upgrade our underground systems.
Gas Main Work downtown

This spring, gas crews are replacing cast iron gas distribution main (pipe) under Center Street before the planned repaving of this road. All cast iron will be replaced with polyethylene (high density plastic) pipe. Crews are opening the road in sections to uncover the pipe and lay the new main. This labor-intensive work may create some inconvenience for downtown driving but it is an important and necessary investment in our gas infrastructure.

To do this work safely, Center Street will be closed to one lane of traffic and police details will direct drivers to the nearest detour. The main replacement work should be completed by the Memorial Day parade and the road will be “hot-topped” and metal plates removed for the event. Crews will return to tie-over the individual services to the new main after the Memorial Day parade. Please drive safely around our crews and the police details.

Learn more about this type of project and the necessity for gas main upgrades, watch our Main Street Project Slide Show showing last year’s work.