Planned Power Outage Saturday Night – Middleborough downtown Area

Limited area affected for this overnight outage

We have scheduled a planned power outage for the downtown Middleborough area on Saturday, May 20th, from 10PM to 2AM, Sunday. This outage is necessary to allow crews to make necessary repairs to the underground electrical system serving parts of the downtown only. This is the anticipated range of time planned but the actual outage time may be shorter. The outage may also be postponed due to bad weather. We understand that losing power is inconvenient. That’s why we try to do this work overnight. This planned outage is necessary for the reliable operation of our equipment in this neighborhood and for the safety of our crews. We appreciate your understanding and we’ll try to have power restored as soon as we can.

Location: Specific streets affected are South Main Street from Webster Street to Wareham and Center Streets (including traffic lights) and part of Wareham Street (south side only) from Main Street to Clifford Street. The outage does not include homes directly on Webster Street and does not affect the two buildings on the corners of Center Street, nor buildings on North Main Street nor Clifford Street.  All Residents and Business that will be affected have been notified in advance.

Estimated outage time: 4 hours

What to do before the outage:

  • If you use medical equipment that uses electricity, have a battery-backup ready or a plan to stay elsewhere during the outage.
  • Charge cell phones and laptops/tablets ahead of the outage.
  • Unplug computers and other sensitive electronics.
  • Notify your security company if you have an alarm system.
  • Minimize opening the refrigerator/freezer doors during the outage.
  • Use a manual alarm clock or cell phone alarm because clocks will need to be reset.
  • Make sure we have your current phone number(s) to reach you if necessary.

We’ll make every effort to contact those affected if our plans change.