Wishing a Happy Retirement to our Colleague Jeannette Mello

Jeannette Mello Retires

We are celebrating our wonderful colleague, Jeannette Mello, who officially retired Monday after 32 years of devoted service. Jeannette performed clerical duties that touched nearly every aspect of service for our MGED customers, supporting managers, operations crews and, finally, the Board of Commissioners, acting as their secretary for the past decade.

From her beginning as a part-time clerk, rising to the position of Administrative Secretary and during every storm in between, she has provided indispensable help whenever it was needed. Every resident most-likely talked with or saw Jeannette, either at the office paying a bill, calling to report an outage or watching a Commission meeting. Nearly all of us who worked with Jeannette were spoiled by the many homemade treats she baked to brighten our days. Using words like unselfish, caring, cheerful and sweet don't begin to express the qualities she brought to our work in the administrative office.

While we’ve delayed an indoor celebration for now, our crews and co-workers gave a rolling salute past our Main Street administrative office and town hall. We are forever grateful for her dedication to public service and wish her many years of joy and relaxation – especially during storms. Congratulations Jeannette!

Rolling tribute for Jeannette