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Electric bills increase one more cent per kilowatt hour

Middleborough Gas and Electric Department [MGED] has increased the  Purchase Power Adjustment (PPA) to 2¢ to cover ever-increasing... more ››

ISO New England Region

Regional Grids [ISO New England] Fared Well in the Face of a Heat Wave

Regional power grids fared well through a recent heat wave just as California and the Southwest were bracing for the expectation of brutal... more ››

MGED Solar Community Project 1

MGED Solar Community Project 1 Fully Enrolled

The MGED Solar Community project 1 shared solar program is now been completely enrolled. Customers who want to participate are now being... more ››

Maine Wind Farm

MGED Customers now using 70% clean energy

Middleborough Gas and Electric customers are getting a growing amount of their power from clean energy resources. That includes zero-... more ››

Green Community Presentation Check given to the Middleboro Selectmen

In the News: State recognizes Middleboro as a Green Community

MIDDLEBORO — After years of working to meet criteria, Middleboro has officially been designated a Green Community for the Commonwealth.

Gas Main Work downtown

Natural Gas Main Replacement on Center Street, Downtown Middleborough

This spring, gas crews are replacing cast iron gas distribution main (pipe) under Center Street before the planned repaving of this road.... more ››

Grand prize winner Helena Toomey is congratulated by school and MGED officials

Winning Students recognized for the MGED Solar Community Image Contest

Talent and smiles were on display at the Henry B. Burkland and the Mary K. Goode elementary schools as well as the John T. Nichols Middle... more ››

James L. Collins - In Memorium

In Memorium - James L. Collins

Our beloved friend, Jim Collins passed away peacefully at his home in Sarasota, Florida, on Friday, April 20, 2018. He was born on December... more ››

In the News: Six Figure Storm Damage Reported by Electric Division Manager

Electric Division Manager William Taylor spoke at the March 19th selectmen's meeting in Middleborough - between storms, reporting on the... more ››

E-Messenger Article: Higher February Bills

Scam Alert

Attorney General Investigates Energy Marketing Slammers

Customers are letting us know about the news story on Channel 7 - WHDH last night. Help Me Hank has spotlighted a practice known as "... more ››

Everett Street Storage Solar Community Project 1

MGED Solar Community Project 1 is Open for Enrollment

Residential and commercial customers of the Middleborough Gas and Electric Department now have a simple way to get the benefits of solar... more ››

Electric bills increase one cent per kilowatt hour

Middleborough, January 2, 2018 - Middleborough Gas and Electric Department [MGED] bills will show a Purchase... more ››

Artic Air Means Extra Caution

Middleborough – January 5, 2018 – Temperatures are plummeting for the next few days thanks to an artic air mass following... more ››

Winter Storm Advisory from National Weather Service

Blizzard conditions may mean power outages

Middleborough, January 3, 2018- Middleborough Gas & Electric Department officials are warning customers that the... more ››

Natural gas Leak at Route 28 Plaza is contained

At about 5PM this evening, MGED gas personnel were called to the Merchant’s Way shopping plaza on Route 28 in Middleboro by the Fire... more ››

Crews from New England are responding to Mutual Aid requests from Florida

MGED & NEPPA respond to Hurricane Irma Call for Mutual Aid

The Northeast Public Power Association released the following statement today that 27 member utilities have responded to calls for mutual... more ››

MGED is asking all customers to give their opinions about Smart Energy and Meter Technology

The Middleborough Gas and Electric Department is reaching out to all customers with phones or access to computers to give their opinions... more ››

Road is opened to allow replacement of cast iron gas distribution main on Main Street

Slideshow: Natural Gas Main Replacement on Main Street

Gas crews are removing cast iron and steel gas distribution main (pipe) under Main Street and in other areas of the downtown before the... more ››