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Learn how to keep your upstairs cool with this short video.

Are you overheating upstairs? Watch this video to learn how to keep cool on the second floor.

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Natural Gas employees are surveying gas lines along roads and in homeowner yards.

We're surveying underground Natural Gas distribution and Service Lines

MGED gas division personnel have begun their annual safety survey of gas service lines which will likely be complete by July 28th.


Planned Power Outage Saturday Night – Middleborough downtown Area

We have scheduled a planned power outage for the downtown Middleborough area on Saturday, May 20th, from 10PM to 2AM, Sunday. This outage... more ››

May is National Electrical Safety Month starting with Outlets

We're celebrating National Electrical Safety Month. Watch this ... more ››

Wet Spring Can Mean Wet Basement

Wet basements are a problem for homeowners across the country. Issues range from minor dampness or humidity causing mold or mildew to major... more ››

MGED will be Conducting Ground and Aerial Surveys in the North Middleborough Transmission Right-of-Way

Middleborough Gas & Electric Department (MGED) will be working with Merrill Engineers and Land Surveyors, PLM Engineering, and GZA... more ››

April 18th is National Lineman Appreciation Day

Celebrating National Lineman Day - April 18th

On Tuesday, April 18th, we'll be celebrating the great work and chosen profession of our line crews on National Lineman Day.

Planned Power Outage on Saturday Night – Middleborough downtown Area

We have scheduled a planned power outage for the downtown Middleborough area on Saturday, April 8th, from 10PM to 4AM, Sunday. This outage... more ››

Board of Commissioners have proclaimed April as Safe Digging month. Call 811 before you dig.

Proclaimed Again! April is Safe Digging Month!

At the March 15th Commission Meeting, the Middleborough Gas & Electric Department board of Commissioners proclaimed April as National... more ››

Middleborough Gas & Electric Department Celebrates Natural Gas Utility Workers’ Day on March 18 (actually the 17th this year)

Middleborough Gas and Electric Department will observe the national Natural Gas Utility Workers’ Day on March 17th, a Friday, because the... more ››

This Insulation job is Easy Peasy! Watch this Video on insulating your water heater pipes.

One of the easiest places to insulate is often overlooked. Water heater pipes in your basement or utility room lose heat to the air around... more ››

Weatherization Assistance - a big boost means more will benefit

MGED board of commissioners have increased the weatherization assistance grant award to the agencies that administer fuel assistance so... more ››

MGED to receive Grant Award for LED Streetlight Conversion

The Middleborough Gas & Electric Department will receive funding to help convert streetlights to new LED technology as part of an award... more ››

Top 5 Energy Myths Busted!

Top 5 Energy Myths are exposed and debunked!Learn how to thaw and prevent ice dams on your roof.How did natural gas really begin?

Image of a pole hit earlier in 2016

In the News: 2 Poles Hit after Weekend Snowstorm

Officially, the current winter season started just yesterday, Dec. 21, but that didn't stop the low temperatures, high winds, and snow that... more ››

The Ghost of Christmas Future in the Machine

It’s Christmas time again here in our lovely town with a happy coincidence of Hanukah beginning on the same day this year.

New look for our online payment portal

The MGED Pay Online portal has been updated with a cleaner, more reader-friendly look and is even more usable by any... more ››

PGA Decrease for Natural Gas Customers - just in time for heating season

All natural gas customers will see a 15¢ decrease per hundred cubic feet (CCF) in their November bills, making the typically higher heating... more ››

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