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Energy Sense e-News celebrates Summertime!

It’s summertime! Our June/July edition of Energy Sense e-newsletter celebrates in the current edition by sharing the best ways to save... more ››

It's National Lightning Awareness Week! Do you know what to do when Thunder Roars? Watch this National Weather Service Video.

Click on this video link to learn all you need to know about lightning and how to stay safe!

Peak Problems, Deflating Dilemmas and Pole Poster Pestering in the June Messenger

Read the Messenger and learn why peak power use hurts us all,... more ››

May is the month to Think before you Plug It In!

It’s Electrical Safety Month and the amazing folks at the Electrical Safety Foundation International have created a... more ››

Bids opened for 3-Bay Addition to Electric Division Garage

Bid CLOSED - All received bids have been opened for the invitation that follows. Bidders list attached below.

Think Energy Efficient Landscaping for Earth Day!

It's Earth Day and spring has finally arrived! Time to start planning the many updates to your yard for your outside enjoyment.

Monday, April 18 is Lineman Appreciation Day

Monday is not just Patriot's Day or Marathon Monday. It is also Natonal Lineman Appreciation Day. The line crews of the Middleborough Gas... more ››

Proclaimed! April is Safe Digging Month!

At the March 23rd Commission Meeting, the Middleborough Gas & Electric Department board of Commissioners proclaimed April as National... more ››

Energy Sense E-news: Many ways to save in the room you live in most!

Your living room is filled with switches and gizmos and other simple ideas that can help you save energy dollars.

In the Press: Celebration Season for MGED

It’s time to shine a light on your gas and electric crews. There is an award season for Hollywood, a Champions’ Week for NASCAR, festivals... more ››

We're celebrating National Gas Utility Workers' Day on March 18th

Our natural gas crews and staff work every day to bring you the benefits of natural gas safely and reliably. On March 18th, we're... more ››

Slideshow: Winter Storm Lexi - February 4-5, 2016

The February 5th winter storm of 2016 (LEXI) was a destructive blast of heavy wet snow that brought down large limbs and whole trees... more ››

News Brief: Friday Snowstorm caused widespread outages for 24-hour period

MGED’s distribution system faced widespread outages on all circuits serving 101 square miles in Middleborough and Lakeville during the... more ››

Department asks customers using Generators to review safe practices

MGED officials are asking all customers planning to operate a generator during any coming power outages to review these... more ››

Final cleanup of storm damage continues ahead of the next storm

MGED crews are removing the last of the tree limbs dangling from service lines or just too close for comfort. They are also making... more ››

Repairs continue for at least today with help from Mutual Aid

Mutual aid from Braintree and Norwood municipal utilities will be assisting our crews to continue repairing the electric distribution... more ››

Outage recovery will continue into the evening

MGED crews will be working into the evening hours recovering from the widespread damage to poles, lines and other equipment as a result of... more ››

Heavy Wet Snow causing power outages throughout the area

The heavy wet snow from this storm is bringing down tree limbs throughout the MGED 101 mile service area. Please visit our Outage Center to... more ››

Check out the February 2016 Messenger - new look, updated programs!

We've updated the Messenger with the February edition to give you... more ››