Outage Updates

A winter storm warning has been issued for the MGED service area. Another nor'easter is on the way, bringing significant snow, wind gusts and the potential for more outages. MGED is asking all customers to prepare for the possibility of an extended outage.

We are aware of many trees which were damaged in recent storms and may pose a threat to electric distribution lines throughout our communities. MGED crews focus on clearing trees along main distribution circuits first because damage to these main lines will create large area outages for every customer served by them. With little time between storms, our crews may not be able to address all trees threatening every line before tomorrow's storm.

Customers should also be aware that trees on private property are the responsibility of the homeowner. During storms, crews work quickly to remove tree damage and restore power to thousands of customers. In these situations, broken and uprooted trees may be cut to access the damaged area and make repairs, and wood may be left at the site in order to proceed with other restoration work.

Crews are preparing for outage recovery and truly appreciate your patience and support.




If you need to report an outage or downed line, call the Electric Division @ (508) 947-3023. You may also report online. You will need your registered phone number or your MGED account number.


Customers with questions about natural gas service in Middleborough should call (508) 947-1535. If you have a natural gas emergency, call 911.