Payment Options

MGED offers special billing services to make our customers’ lives a little easier.

Online (& Direct)Payment

If you want to simplify bill paying,
Online Payment makes it possible to pay your monthly gas and electric bill without the bother of writing a check, mailing an envelope or dropping by our office. This online option allows you to View your Bill (even if you don't pay it online), pay just this once online or pay every month automatically. Just sign up, and your bill will be automatically deducted from your bank account or charged to your MasterCard or Visa. Save time and stamps, and never miss your prompt payment discount! You can even go paperless. Learn More.

Yes You CAN - Pay by Text

Learn how: watch the Invoice Cloud videos to see how it's done and how you can register to use your phone or mobile device to receive bill notices and make a payment.

Watch a brief video on Pay by Text, click here
Watch a video on registering for Pay by Text, click here


Easy Budget Payment Plan

If you want to level gas and electric costs, our Easy Budget Payment Plan may be able to help. Based on your past energy use, the Plan spreads utility costs evenly over a 10-month period from September to June. Any balance or credit is then addressed in July and August. To be eligible, your account must be current, have a one-year history of service at this location, and you must agree to make monthly payments on or before the normal discount date. Apply here.

Third Party Payment

If you want bills sent to someone else to help you keep track of them, you can ask us to send your bill to a third party. Or if you are concerned about a relative or friend, you can be designated a third party to receive their bills. The third party is not responsible for the bill, but can help make sure each payment is applied to the account correctly and on time. Please contact us directly at 508-947-1371 to set up this service.

Landlord Read and Leave

If you are a landlord whose tenant is moving out, MGED will change the customer of record from the tenant to the landlord, and continue to bill gas and/or electric service in the landlord’s name until a new tenant signs for service. In the absence of a named landlord, we will use the Town Assessor information to list the owner as the customer of record. If the landlord wants service shut off after a tenant leaves, then the landlord must sign this form requesting the shut-off.

Gift Certificates

Available in any amount, gift certificates can be used to credit any MGED account for any use or service.  Just drop by our office at 32 S. Main St. or call us at 508-947-1371 to wrap up your gift giving in this thoughtful and convenient way.