MGED Home Energy Saving Rebates

All current rebate offerings are listed on this page. Please scroll down to see the full listing and find your rebate amount. All rebates and incentives may be available to residents, homeowners, renters and landlords within MGED service area. Once you have followed the preparation instructions and made your purchase, you'll apply online through the Energy New England rebate website link by clicking on "Ready to Apply".

Notice: Appliance rebate offers will be changing on September 1st! Some will no longer be offered. See the notices on each rebate listed below.

MGED is following the latest state guidelines, offering rebates on specific technologies for the highest level of energy savings per budget dollar. This means that some Energy-Star qualified appliances will drop off our listed rebates. However we still encourage buying these more-efficient appliances whenever you are shopping for a new refrigerator, washer or room air conditioner. Their lower energy-use will save you many dollars during their useful life.

Energy Star Certified Appliances

MGED residential customers can receive rebates on these ENERGY STAR rated appliance purchases.

Refrigerator Rebate

Refrigerator - $100 - ending August 31st!

Rebates available on ENERGY STAR certified models. Check Energy Star for listing. Proof of disposal and model, make of old refrigerator required. All applications must be received by September 30th.


Laundry Rebate

Clothes Washer - $100 - ending August 31st!

Dryer - $50 - ending August 31st!

Rebates available on ENERGY STAR certified models. Check Energy Star for listing. All applications must be received by September 30th.

Dehumidifier Rebate

Small Appliance Heating, Cooling & Conditioning $30 - $100 - available only for dehumidifiers & heat-pump water heaters after August 31st!

Rebates on water heaters, room air conditioning units, dehumidifiers - all ENERGY STAR certified models. All applications on retiring Energy Star qualified rebates for standard water heaters and room air conditioners must be received by September 30th.


WiFi Thermostats Rebate

Programmable Basic or WiFi Thermostats - available only for Wi-Fi after August 31st!

Warm up to ENERGY STAR certified models of basic programmable thermostats OR Wi-Fi enabled thermostats. Limit one per year. All applications for qualified standard programmable thermostats must be received by September 30th.

Double up on Insulation Rebates or make your home comfortable with a weather sealing rebate

Weatherization Rebates

Weatherization/Insulation Rebate - up to $1,000, single family home - up to $4,000, multi-family home

Seal your home against heat/cooling loss. Energy audit required first!

 Electric Heating & Cooling Technology

MGED now offers rebates to residential electric and natural gas customers for installing qualified high-efficiency ductless heat pumps. All homes must first receive a full free home energy evaluation (audit).

MiniSplit Heatpump Rebate

Air-source Heat Pump - mini-splits, multi-zone/single base - up to $500

No more than 1/2 installed cost; single outside unit; two units per year


Read instructions & details

Ready to Apply - at this time, please email all documents to: [email protected]


Central Heatpump Rebate

Replace Central Air-Conditioning or older Heat Pump (whole-house) - up to $1,500

No more than 1/2 installed cost; replace central a/c with ductless units.


Read instructions & details

Ready to Apply: at this time, please email all documents to: [email protected]


Electric Vehicle (EV) cars, charger rebates & charging credits

MGED now provides incentives to EV-driving residents to charge their cars during off-peak hours. We'll also pay a rebate for new, installed chargers with ongoing incentive credits for off-peak charging. And MGED residents can also receive a generous rebate for the purchase of a pre-owned EV during the EV 2nd Drive promotion. All instructions and details are provided on the MGED Drives Electric website, which opens a separate window. All applications are received through the Energy New England rebates website online.

EV 2nd Drive Offer

EV 2nd Drive Offer

Purchase a pre-owned EV at a bargain price thanks to a generous rebate! Provided at purchase. List price under $15,000, mileage under 50,000.

Charger plus off peak credit offer

EV Level 2 Charger Rebate - $300 +$5

Buy and install a level 2 charger at home & get a rebate plus an added $5 per month reward for charging your EV during off peak hours only. Enrolling in SmartCharge New England program required.


Offpeak Only Charging Credit

Off-peak Only EV Charging Reward - $10

Use your current EV home charger & program your EV to charge during off-peak hours only to get a reward of $10 per month. Enrolling in the SmartCharge New England program required.

MLP Residential Solar Rebate 

Earn a generous rebate for installation of a solar array on your home in the MGED service area. Maximum size and minimum production standards apply. Please read the instructions and details first! You will open the MGED solar page and online guide. When ready, you and your installer will apply to MGED for interconnection first. Then return to this page to enter the MLP Solar website for the rebate application process when ready to begin the rebate application process. You will be sent to the Energy New England Solar Rebate website.

SolarHome Rebate 1

Learn about interconnection & read the guide to Net Metering

Learn how your excess solar energy production becomes a credit on your bill. All new solar installations are credited for excess solar energy received by MGED at the wholesale rate: PPC & PPA combined.


HomeSolar Rebate 2

MLP Solar Rebate - up to $12,000

Provided to MGED residential customers who are approved for interconnection up to a maximum size of 10 Kw, DC. Installations must also meet the MLP Solar installation requirements. More requirements and information is provided in the MLP Solar Rebate application page.













Limit; one rebate per appliance per year. Rebates will be credited to your MGED bill. Remember to include the ENERGY GUIDE label that comes with your new appliances with the Energy Star logo clearly visible. All appliances have an Energy Guide label but not all appliances are Energy Star qualified! Check before you buy or apply.Refrigerator purchases must show proof of take-away or disposal to be eligible


Questions and AnswersWhy do I need to give my old refrigerator or clothes washer model information & serial number?


Where can I find this model information on my old appliance?


All purchases from January 1st to the end of this year will be eligible but funding is limited and may run out before the end of the year. Please call (888) 772-4242 with questions about your purchase.