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Learn about installing a solar array on your home & steps required to connect to our meter for solar credit
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Net Metering for Solar Arrays

For customers who generate their own electricity using small-scale solar energy systems known as solar arrays, net metering measures both the electricity you buy from MGED and the excess electricity you produce using your own energy system which is sent back through the department’s meter. Net metering means that our meter will record both amounts and you will be billed for the “net” amount or difference between what was delivered by MGED and what was sent to MGED. We will not meter the total amount produced by your energy system, most of which will be used inside your home.

For example, if a customer with a 2000 Watt solar array generates 300 kWh in July but only uses 200 kWh during those solar production hours, then 100 kWh will be sent backward through the meter to MGED lines. If that customer also uses 600 kWh in their home that month which came from MGED (forward through the meter) when more power was needed – i.e. in the evening –  the bill will show charges for 600 kWh and a credit for the excess 100 kWh at the wholesale energy value.

Solar GuideTo learn more about net metering as an MGED customer and apply, download our Guide to Solar Generation & Net Metering.



Steps to connect a Solar Array for Net Metering

When you have found a solar contractor and decided on the system to be installed, take these steps to confirm that your system can be connected to the MGED distribution system. If your contractor installs your system before our approval of the application, you run the risk of needing costly changes before we can allow your solar array to operate while connected to our lines.

1. Submit the following by mail to:
Solar Applications Manager

Middleborough Gas & Electric Department
32 South Main  Street
Middleborough, MA 02346

  • Simplified Application/Interconnection Agreement for Net Metered Electrical Generation
  • A one-line drawing of your generation system (sample) showing that it meets our system installation requirements
  • Specifications showing the materials (panels & inverters) to be installed meeting all required codes as noted in the agreement

2. Approval confirmation – you will receive notice from MGED directly that your system layout and materials have been approved for installation. We will share this information with your contractor if you wish.

3. Electrical Permit - You (or your contractor/installer) must obtain an electrical permit from your town wiring inspector. Then installation can begin.

4. Electrical Inspection/town wiring inspector – After the system installation is complete, you or your contractor should call the town wiring inspector for a final inspection.

5. System Inspection/MGED Engineer - Our technician will schedule our inspection prior to turn-on. Our Engineer will review the system and approve for operation.

6. Your copy of the Certificate of Completion & Solar Renewable Energy Credits (SRECs) - We will then send you a copy for your records to be used obtaining solar renewable energy credits. Your contractor/installer or sales agent will likely act as your agent to register for the credits and payments if applicable. MGED does not retain the rights to SRECs nor act as an agent for customer registration of SRECs.

Contact Sandy Richter at (508) 946-3702 during business hours.