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MGED Smart Energy CommunityMGED Solar Community - Community Shared SolarMGED Solar Community Project 1 Everett Street Storage

MGED's community shared solar program, Solar Community, allows customers who want to support locally produced clean energy but aren’t able or don’t wish to install solar panels on their own home or business the opportunity to share in the benefits of a large solar system installed within MGED’s service territory. 

Participating customers share in both the costs and the benefits of Solar Community. MGED customers who wish to participate pay a monthly fee for costs associated with the program. Starting in the second year, participating customers are expected to begin receiving credits on their bill.


Solar Community 1
Solar Community Business 1
Available ToAll CustomersCommercial, Industrial and Municipal Customers
Monthly Fee (Year 1 ONLY)$5.00$25.00
Returns BeginningYear 2Year 2
Estimated Net Return over 10 years$300$1,500

MGED Solar Community Project 1 is now completely enrolled.

MGED Solar Community Project 2 is now completely enrolled. Learn more about this program here.

To be notified of new projects as they are announced, use this online form to join the wait list.   

Please consider our Solar Community program and sign on to our wait list; it's a great way to help us all support clean, renewable solar power generated right here in our own community!

If you have any questions, please contact Customer Service at 508-947-1371 or email

Read our Frequently Asked Questions about Solar Community.

Review the MGED Solar Community and Solar Community Business filed rate for project 1.

For a real-time look at the energy production from the Solar Community 1 array located at 204 Everett St., Middleborough, click on the image below:

View of Solar Production Project 1