Stay Safe

Electricity runs so much of what we use every day – it’s easy to take it for granted. Natural gas is another important fuel at use in neighborhoods, schools and businesses all around us. Here are the things you, your family, coworkers and neighbors should know about natural gas and electricity that can help keep everyone safe. Plus a few other things to know to guard against illegal activity and scams.

First things First

To report fallen wires: If you see a downed power line or other electrical hazard, stay away from the area. The ground around downed or low hanging power lines as well as surrounding objects such as fences could be energized. Call 911 or MGED immediately at 508-947-3023 to alert us.

If you smell an odor of natural gas: whether inside or outside, if you suspect a leak leave the area. Don’t touch a switch (on or off) or use a flashlight or phone or car or anything else that could create a spark. When you are in a safe location, call 911 immediately. If you’re not sure, go to a safe nearby location and call MGED at 508-947-1535 at any time of day. Our crews will come as quickly as possible.

Safety & Electricity

Look Up, Stay Safe; Downed Wires could be Live; That Old House, This New Update (inside safety),Storm Safety Guide; important links

Natural Gas – Be Aware

New to Natural Gas; Natural Gas is Nearby; VIDEO – Did You Know?; multi-lingual information; Protect Your Meter in Winter; important links

Call Before You Dig

811 Dig Safe; what happens when utilities are hit; It’s the Law; important links

CO – the Silent Killer

Carbon Monoxide can form with any fuel-burning source; Detection; news archive of CO scares & tragedies; important links

Be Ready for Stormy Weather

Are you prepared for the worst weather & long outages? Guidance & links for before, during & after the storm; Outage Center

For Our Youngest Customers

For kids & the young at heart; watch videos that make learning fun

See Something, Say Something

Safe, reliable operation of our systems keeps everything working for you. Report any suspicious or dangerous activity near our equipment.

For Town Authorities

What officials and first responders should know about our systems and safety considerations

Construction / Excavation

Important facts about working near our gas mains; Paving considerations

Latest SCAMSLearn about these trick to get your private information by Scammers posing as utility workers

Stay Connected

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