Supporting Our Customers

Assisting with worries about your MGED bills
Online Home Energy Audit and Help

We realize many of our customers are facing challenges of their own right now. We're asking that you work with us to ease your worries.

  • MGED will not be shutting off service to residential customers due to late-payment or overdue bills if you have filed for financial hardship. This will continue through the winter moratorium. Any calls threatening to shut off your service may be coming from scammers!

  • MGED customers will begin to lose their prompt payment discounts on overdue or unpaid bill amounts beginning on January 1st, 2020. Also, past due balances from 2020 will continue to accumulate and interest (for business customers) will also be charged at that time. We ask all customers to contact us and make a payment plan to avoid an overwhelming balance after the winter moratorium ends on April 1st!

  • MGED does not report any customer payment or credit history to agencies that affect credit ratings.

  • MGED bills are often 25 to 40% lower than typical bills in other towns served by investor-owned utilities and that helps too.

Even though you may not be able to pay your electric or natural gas bill in full, we encourage you to call our customer service representatives and make a plan. Even a partial payment for the coming months will help keep your past due balance manageable and get you back to a zero balance faster. That will be one less worry. (508-947-1371 from 8:30AM to 5PM or Contact Us online)

We also want to help you save energy to lower your bills while sheltering or working from home. It might be easier than you think.

For our business customers, we've made the FREE Basic Business Energy Evaluation also virtual - now offered fully online with a live expert. Low or no use of your business space can be a good time to take advantage of this free service. The moritorium for commercial customer service shut off ended on August 31st. Make a plan to avoid service shut off now!

MGED is actively working with agencies like those that distribute fuel assistance as well as the Chamber of Commerce to identify the variety of programs now available funded through federal and state legislation. A new stimulus package may be passed by Congress to help Americans in need. As information becomes available, it will be updated on