Your Board of Commissioners

MGED is governed by an elected Board of Commissioners. These are elected officials who live locally and are directly impacted by their utility’s service. The Board addresses all current issues in a public meeting including such things as setting rates, changing service policies and procedures, awarding bids for equipment and discussing issues brought up by any ratepayers and citizens. The meetings are held in Middleborough, not in some boardroom in another state or in a hearing room in Boston.

The Middleborough Gas & Electric Board of Commissioners is composed of five citizens elected to serve three years terms. Those wishing to serve on the Board must follow the election process by filing with the town clerk’s office in the town of Middleborough in the spring when a seat for the board is open for election. You must be a Middleborough resident and at least the age of 18.

Citizens serve on the Board on a voluntary basis without compensation. The Board generally meets at 6:00pm on the first Wednesday of each month at the Town Hall, Selectmen's meeting room at 10 Nickerson Avenue, directly across from our Administrative Office .

All customers are encouraged to attend. Those who cannot attend but are interested can, in most cases, watch the live meetings or videotapped reruns on the local cable access TV channel. You may also contact the board by emailing the chairman.

Board Members

Name Title
Daniel Farley Commissioner
John "Jack" F. Healey Commissioner
Thomas Murphy Commissioner
Ellen M. Farley Commissioner
Larissa Hansen Hallgren Commissioner